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child bouldering at indoor rock climbing gym in Campbell River On The Rocks
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Check back soon for an update on Birthdays at OTR. Thank you.

H. Luu

Went with my 8 yr old son. We both had a great time. The staff were very helpful as it was our first time. They took the time to make sure we were comfortable with the 'falling' and didn't rush us and offered to help all along the time we were there.

L. Gervais

Our kids loved this place! Great price and amazing experience for everyone.

B. Brazeau

They're awesome here and very attentive. Spent a lot of one on one time with my 11yr old nephew and were very patient with him. I will definitely visit again.

Youth Climbing 

We do have some rules and restrictions in place to ensure everyone is having a safe and enjoyable climbing experience.

  • We have a Simple Rule: Look up! Watch out for other climbers above. Never walk under other climbers or between the climbing wall and belayers working with ropes. The Simple rule helps us avoid 99% of our potential issues.

  • We also have a Hard Rule: No Running. Running is not acceptable within the Climbing Gym. The risk, should an exuberant little climber suddenly appear under a falling climber are significant to everyone. Please remind your group members to walk and save their energy for climbing the walls.

  • We require that you are close enough to communicate with them (without raising your voice), and intervene if they get into a potentially dangerous situation.

  • Active supervision is required, and supervisors are responsible for the behaviour of the youth they are supervising. 

  • Children attending a Climbing Party are not left alone in our facility at any time. An adult must be present and attentive for the duration of the party.

  • Toys, balls and favourite stuffed friends are best left in the car or at home. Let’s keep the focus on the excitement of climbing.

  • Snacks and drinks are permitted in the Party Room or designated break areas only

  • Help your young climbers work as a team and keep each other safe. Make sure they understand the hazard of being under other climbers and understand the Simple and Hard Rule so together we can make the most out of your time at the Climbing Gym.

bouldering cave at On the Rocks Indoor Rocking Climbing Gym Campbell River BC


All climbers must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian in order to participate. Please ensure your party members arrive with a signed waiver or have the parent/guardian sign them electronically (link below).  Without this agreement, we do not allow users in our facilities. No exceptions.

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