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At On The Rocks we offer a variety of courses, from entry level belaying courses to more advanced leading skills. 

Belaying Course 
- $75

During this course we will teach you all the skills necessary to begin climbing on your own. We cover how to put on your harness, tie the proper knots and manage the rope belay systems. By the end of the course, you’ll be all over the walls and climbing with confidence. Each course includes equipment for the lesson.

Belaying Course with 1 Month All-Access Pass + Gear Rental
- $170

Participate in a guided belay course where upon completion you receive a one (1) month membership with gear rental included so that you can practice the skills which you have learned.


A great way to firmly cement the techniques in your mind and take your first steps to being a safe and competent climber.

Lead Climbing Course
- $150

Learn the fundamentals of lead climbing from a skilled instructor.


Lead belaying, proper rope management and clipping technique are just some of the topics which will be covered in this comprehensive course.


Participants must provide their own rope for the course and for lead climbing while in our facility.   (Minimum 2 climbers)

Prices listed are per person | Minimum age 13 years | Maximum group size 4

These courses do not qualify you to set up climbs outdoors.

We suggest you seek further instruction before heading out to the crags.



As an organization, collectively, it is our most valuable asset. Individually, it is a constant choice to cultivate safety, honesty, and respect for clients and colleagues.

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